Our Methodology

After so many years developing websites in the Agency for more than 200 clients and internal projects, we have defined our own methodology to develop any Web project.

Understand the client's business and objectives

The first thing is to understand the business, know the history of the company, the team, the trajectory, products or services to highlight, understand the Branding of the company, values, philosophy, study the style book and the objectives that we have to take into account.

Market research and competition analysis
Study how the market behaves and the users who are going to visit the web. We will analyze the different players in the market and detect what is working best for them in order to adapt it to our website.
Set tone and style

Once we understand the style book and understand the branding of the brand, we will create different moodboards to define the graphic line that we will follow in the development of the web.

Wireframe design

Wireframes are a visual representation of the structure of a website. We will define the different elements of the user interface, such as menus, buttons, text fields and images in mobile and desktop version.

Web design

In this phase we will solve all the technical factors that affect the performance and usability of the web. Thus improving the user experience and helping Google to crawl web so that it then takes it into account when indexing it in the search engine.

Content creation by verticals (URL)
At this point we will create texts, images and other content to nourish the pages with high value content, using the keywords detected in point 4. Yes, Artificial Intelligence can be used, but let's be as human as possible. If possible, create audiovisual content to complement.
Content Deployment

Once we have all the content created, we will upload it to the web, applying all the SEO and UX factors we know (Headers, alt attribute, meta title, content structure, bold, CTAs ...). This phase is repeated during the following periods.

Authority and reputation strategy

Once we have the ABC within our website (On Site), we will increase the authority of the web. We achieve this by doing branded content and link building, appearing in relevant media in our sector and working all SEO factors outside the web. This phase is repeated during the following periods.