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Organic traffic is the one that converts best

SEO is our secret weapon. We stay up-to-date with the latest updates and love working on internal projects to test Google’s algorithm and validate new strategies that other agencies don’t use, which we later apply to our clients. We are among the best Spanish SEO content creators and demonstrate this on one of our YouTube channels.

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SEO Services

SEO Professionals

There are many disciplines within SEO, and that’s why we have different professionals specialized in each area.

portada SEO

Google remains the world’s number one search engine, and appearing in the top positions is crucial for your business.

Portada SEO Local

If you have a physical business, being well-positioned in your location and on Google Maps is essential. We are experts in Local SEO.

portada Linkbuilding

We obtain the best links at the best prices. We have our own software for cost-effective link building.


A migration is not simple; there are many factors to consider, and it’s something that can have a significant impact on a business.

SEO en Youtube

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world (and now, many Google searches are for videos).


Starting a novel, unfamiliar business is a unique challenge, and we specialize in launches.

SEO Service Areas In Australia

SEO Agency Sydney


Palo-Seco’s SEO services in Sydney are tailored to navigate the dynamic and competitive digital landscape of Australia’s largest city. We focus on innovative strategies that elevate your brand’s online presence, ensuring you stand out in the bustling Sydney market.

SEO AGEncy Melbourne

SEO Melbourne

In Melbourne, Palo-Seco offers bespoke SEO solutions designed to resonate with the city’s diverse and creative business environment. Our approach is centered on understanding Melbourne’s unique market trends, ensuring your website connects effectively with local audiences.

SEO Agency Brisbane


For businesses in Brisbane, Palo-Seco provides targeted SEO strategies that tap into the city’s growing digital economy. Our focus is on optimizing your online visibility to capture Brisbane’s unique audience, combining local insight with our SEO expertise to drive results.



Personalized strategies.

We are not the typical agency that offers pre-established packs to each client, that no longer works. Each project has different needs and characteristics, so when starting any work we always do a market research phase, analyzing the current situation of the business together with the other players who are playing the game, then we will make the strategy most adapted to each situation.

We work with measurable objectives (KPIs).

We are one of the few SEO agencies in Barcelona that offers SEO services based on the objectives that we can then measure (KPI). And yes, we are clear, our goal is to make your business have more sales, more reservations, more calls, more business opportunities … That is why we always set a measurable goal to analyze and evaluate that our work is working.


Your success, our victory

Many will explain how to run a marketing campaign or how to work on SEO… but only the best demonstrate how they’ve achieved it. The number of success stories in our agency keeps growing, and we’re sharing some of these cases, explaining how we’ve done it.

Increasing Revenue by 250% in One Year

#1 with the Primary Business Keyword

+300% Organic Website Traffic with SEO

+300 Sales with a Single Video


Nuestros clientes hablan de nosotros

YouTube channel

We are passionate about what we do, which is why in 2019, we created a YouTube channel where we share our knowledge and experiences.


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Algunas preguntas frecuentes

1. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization stands for SEO. SEO is the process to improve visibility in different search engines in organic results. That is, the search engine is not paid such as advertising or SEM. It is possible to position through content, a website optimized for SEO and the authority of it.

2. Why should I do SEO?

SEO manages to increase the visibility of your website, which translates into greater business opportunities. Currently all companies work SEO either in Google or in different search engines. If we do not work on SEO we will end up relegated to an inconspicuous position and the competition will continue to increase their positions. SEO is a long-term job and has to be worked on constantly.

3. Is SEO only on Google?

No. While it is true that Google is the main search engine for websites, there are other search engines. Currently with social networks SEO has taken another dimension. Nowadays it is possible to position ourselves on Youtube and thereby achieve great results on both Youtube and Google.

4. Why should I hire SEO services?

Simply because your competition is already doing it for a long time, that manages to relegate you in little notorious positions in the search engines. Let's face it, who is looking beyond page 2 of Google? You can work it yourself but it is important a good market study and a good strategy to be able to compete with companies that take more time and invest more money than us.